Efficient Clean Electricity - Power?

Each Coal fired power plant in the US consumes hundreds of rail cars of coal each week! These power plants are supposedly be efficient. Yet they openly admit 27% efficiently! That means that only 27 out of every 100 rail road cars full of coal burned develop the power going into the electric lines to your light bulbs. Check it out for yourself! Seventy-seven, (77) rail cars full of coal are burned to run the power plants that make the power! Upwards of 30 of those 77 rail cars are burned just to create enough heat to lift the pollutants and debris in the form of ash up through the stacks to precipitate perhaps, in your back yard.

Plugging in your, "Clean energy Electric battery powered car,"and other electric utilities only moves the pollution from one Source to another Source!

PDT Engine is the Little Engine That Can Clear the Air!
It uses a new Technology that is more than 90% clean!
"Get involved in the Big Dilemma!"