Global Warming Is a call to action
for all of us to Change our Ways

Natures Climate Change !

Those concerned for our environment are outraged over the destruction of Wilderness, Rain Forests, and Oceans Eco Systems by Oil Company’s exploitation.

Corporations destroy habitat because it is profitable!!
Tree-hugging groups like ourselves, however, are NOT going to change the actions of oil companies
until it is profitable for them to do so!
That may sound bizarre; however, it may be the one avenue that stops directive mining taking place now.

Creating that situation is the ONLY way we can stop the distruction of our planets ecosystem!!!

Are you aware that today's automobile engines use less than 1gallon out of every 10 gallons consumed for power!
The balance of which, (9 gallons) is wasted!!!

This can now change!

We are in the process of building a prototype of this new engine concept that will produce six times the economy you are now experiencing, however, this new Rotary PDT Engine also for the first time is employing an Exo-Endothermic reaction in the combustion process thereby additionally employing the ¾ or 75% of the fuels energy all other engines discard! These new engines are smaller in size, lighter, ultra-clean burning, yet produce greater HP power pound per pound than today's engines. For example, if one of these PDT engines were installed in your full size car it would provide you with 200-250 MPG. If the 668 version of the PDT were installed in a semi tractor trailer, the rig would be able to receive 50-80 MPG even though fully loaded.

Join Our Effort today!

Together; We can launch a New Economic recovery or a Renaissance if you “get involved”.

• We need your financial assistance to build and demonstrate prototypes now.
• It is urgent to stop the continued exploration for OIL, whether from oil /tar sands or deep well drilling in the Oceans like the Gulf of Mexico
• To stop the Waste of fuel with use of the reciprocating engines!
• We can reduce the destruction of our Ecology for Energy that we won’t need!

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